1. a lack of affection or enthusiasm (Freq. 1)

a distressing coldness of tone and manner

Syn: ↑coolness, ↑frigidity, ↑frigidness, ↑iciness, ↑chilliness
Derivationally related forms: ↑icy (for: ↑iciness), ↑frigid (for: ↑frigidness), ↑frigid (for: ↑frigidity), ↑cool (for: ↑coolness), ↑cold
Hypernyms: ↑unemotionality, ↑emotionlessness
Hyponyms: ↑stone, ↑tepidness, ↑lukewarmness
2. the sensation produced by low temperatures (Freq. 1)

he shivered from the cold


the cold helped clear his head

Syn: ↑cold
Derivationally related forms: ↑cold, ↑cold (for: ↑cold)
Hypernyms: ↑temperature
3. the absence of heat

the coldness made our breath visible


come in out of the cold


cold is a vasoconstrictor

Syn: ↑cold, ↑low temperature, ↑frigidity, ↑frigidness
Ant: ↑hotness
Derivationally related forms: ↑cold (for: ↑cold)
Hypernyms: ↑temperature, ↑vasoconstrictor, ↑vasoconstrictive, ↑pressor
chill, ↑iciness, ↑gelidity, ↑chilliness, ↑coolness, ↑nip, ↑frostiness, ↑cool

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